This lot from Rubiela is a blend of three different varieties of the coffee plant. It has a juicy body and complex flavours, most noticeable are peach and black tea with floral notes in the aftertaste. This coffee is ideal to enjoy as a cold brew.

Rubiela Velázquez grows her coffee at a high altitude and that’s one of the reasons for the complex flavours we’re able to get from her coffees. The swing in temperature is greater between night and day at this high altitude than for example at Dona Nenem in Brazil. That temperature fluctuation impacts the development of flavours as the coffee cherries ripen. Her farm, La Esmeralda is really remote and only accessible on foot or horseback. So every year she needs to use mules to transfer the harvest from her farm down to the nearest road where the coffee can be loaded into trucks. This is the fourth crop from Rubiela that we have imported to Iceland so far and receiving her coffee is always a high point every year.

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