There is something magical about a warm cup of coffee. Enjoying it can be a complex ritual but also a simple feeling. We at Reykjavík Roasters try to recreate that feeling through every cup of coffee we offer you.

The concept behind our company is a simple one: we want to import good beans, roast them with care and brew them to the best of our abilities for the enjoyment of ourselves and all people who appreciate great coffee.


However, a lot of work goes into every cup you taste. To achieve the perfect brew we take every step with great attention, in order to give both our beans and our customers the best treatment they deserve. Every batch of bean is carefully studied and roasted trying different profiles until we find the one that highlights to perfection the best qualities of the beans. A lot of time and effort also goes into individually training our staff, so that they can put their skills and knowledge at the service of our customers.


The company was originally founded in 2008, when it was called Kaffismiðja Íslands. The café quickly became popular in the downtown Reykjavík scene and in 2013 it underwent rebranding. Reykjavík Roasters was born with the intention to import good coffee produced in full respect of both human beings and nature. That’s why we hand-pick coffee farms abroad and we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Producing and selling as much as possible is not our goal. Instead, we are all about creating a challenging but enjoyable workplace for owners, staff and customers, where we can keep improving our skills as well as having fun. That’s why Reykjavík Roasters is first and foremost an idea – a feeling that always stays with you like the lingering taste of a good cup of coffee.