We are constantly learning something new about coffee and an insatiable thirst for knowledge is our main drive. Being in coffee means we get the possibility to be on both side of the table at all times, by being both students and mentors throughout the complex processes that go from harvesting to brewing. We believe that the dissemination of knowledge and transparency of information is the key to success when it comes to the coffee industry progressing as a whole.


#betrakaffiheima (better coffee at home) is the ideal workshop for you if your goal is refining your coffee brewing skills at home. We go over and try out four of the most common brewing methods with the goal to pinpoint the one that tastes better according to each participant and his or her own taste buds. The workshop is overseen by two experienced instructors who are there to advise in matters of brewing methods and when it comes to maximising the use of coffee.

This is not a course, nor a lecture. It’s just an opportunity to play around with coffee and try out new things.

#betrakaffiheima takes place in Brautarholt 2. We can guarantee a maximum of 6 seats at a time. A workshop costs 7900kr, which includes a 10% discount on coffee and equipment that is solely valid during the workshop.

If you want to secure a spot or get more information contact us at

Kaffi 101

Kaffi 101 is the perfect course for groups, baristas or coffee enthusiast who want to get acquainted with the origins of coffee plants as well as the production route from manufacturer to consumers. We tackle everything from harvesting and processing in different parts of the world to how soil, weather and climate influence can influence the taste of coffee. Furthermore, you’ll be given a glimpse of our in-house roasting process as well as a taste of our own beans.

This course includes both a lecture and an interactive discussion.

Kaffi 101 is held in Brautarholt 2.

If you want to secure a spot or get more information contact us at