Loads of black currant flavours. Flavourful with a soft fruity acidity and clean flavours. A very fruity and sweet coffee with a long aftertaste and yes, black currant flavour.

Origin : Kenya
Region : Embu
Producer : Around 1050 members of the Kibugu Co-operative
Variety: SL-28 & SL-34 AA
Processing : Fully Washed

GIKIRIMA is the name of the washing station owned and run by the 1050 members of the Kibigu Co-Op Society.  Grown on the south-eastern slopes of Mt Kenya, the farmers deliver the coffee to Gikirima to be weighed, processed and washed. The coffee is washed the same day as delivery, then slow dried and sorted continuously to avoid defects.  The co-op grows a mixture of SL28 and SL34 coffee varieties, as well as other crops, including tea, bananas, and maize.  The Co-Op also arranges advancements in pay for their farmers, in order to cover the costs of education for the children of the community.

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