In exhibition

The paintings after Ísak Óli will be exhibited in two different places, Karastigur 1 and Brautarholt 2, we invite you to take a small walk between these our cafés to discover more of his colorfull and unique work.

Ísak was born in 1989 in Reykjavík and was diagnosed with typical autism when he was four years old. He showed early talent in the art, and have always been highly productive.
When receiving art supply from his mother at the age of 17, Ísak immediately began to draw and paint his favorite characters from books read to him. His art has since been characterized by this interest. Ísak paints characters as they are posing for photography. Except some fun exceptions, Ísak usually likes to follow some ground rules in his paintings. The main character is almost always on the far left end, along with second next important character. The other characters then come in order of importance. Ísak has held numerous exhibitions and is a popular painter.

After graduating from high school, Ísak pursued his studies at the Reykjavík School of Art.
He is now working in Gylfaflöt and owns a studio in Ási in Brautarholt.

Smurfs was one of the first figures Isak started to draw and paint. In fact he would probably still paint only Smurfs if his parents hadn’t challenged him to try out other characters. Isak has a large collection of Smurfs figures, DVD which he cherishes.

Tintin was first introduced to Isak through his older brothers. After starting painting Tintin on the moon Isak was eager to paint Tintin in other surroundings.
People drinking coffee was an idea of his mother that Isak took on and now feels comfortable with.

All pieces are for sale.