In exhibition, í kring, i kring

The exhibitions will open Sunday 13th October at 3 pm in Brautarholt 2, as part of Sequences IX off venue programme. Everyone is welcome to join in a walk and talk at the opening in Brautarholt, starting at 3:30 pm.

For her exhibitions Þorgerður is showing new and older works which she draws from alphabet of weather symbols. The works goes into our collective experience of the environment and draw attention to our inner situation as well as outer conditions.

We probably read more into the weather and drastic weather changes today than before and the thought that we are beginning to have a direct impact on the weather is becoming increasingly tangible each year.

Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir (b. 1985) is an artist based in Reykjavík. She graduated with a Master of Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art in 2013 and received Bachelor of Fine Art from the Iceland Academy of Arts in 2009.

Þorgerður has exhibited her work in Iceland, Scandinavia, United States and the UK as well as heading exhibition projects and artists´ publications in Iceland.

From 2014 – 2018 Þorgerður was the director of the Living Art Museum (NÝLÓ) in Reykjavík.
She is also the co-founder of Staðir / Places, a biannual exhibition project and mobile residency in the Westfjords, Iceland