Keramik trekt 185

4.800 kr.

Dripper made of ceramic.
You can brew between 3 and 4 cups of coffee.
Made in Japan.

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The Kalita Wave series are pour over brewers perfect for everyone from beginners to professional baristas. This is Kalita’s original product series, designed so that anyone can easily enjoy the best tasting coffee.

The unique 20-waved shape of the matching filters reduces surface contact between the sides of the brewer and liquid inside – this increased airflow speeds up drawdown, stopping your brew from stalling and over extracting. The Wave brewer also features a flat bottom with multiple drainage holes, helping you maintain a consistent extraction across the entire width of your brew bed.

Simple to use for a swift and clean brew, ensuring only deliciousness drips into your cup!

Kalita have teamed up with the modern day producers of Hasami to create a special version of their ceramic Wave dripper.

Hasami ware (波佐見焼 Hasami-yaki) is a traditional kind of Japanese pottery from Hasami in the Nagasaki prefecture, it was originally produced only by the local common people and has a history that dates back over 400 years to the Azuchi Momoyama period.

In 1599 a Korean potter travelled to Japan with Ōmura Yoshiaki, the then feudal lord of the Ōmura clan who was returning to the country after the Japanese invasion of Korea. With him came knowledge of climbing kilns and 1 was built in Hasami, and the rest really is history!

Hasami pottery turned into the speciality of the area and by the late Edo period was producing the most pottery in the whole of Japan. The brand was known for affordable quality and became very popular with the people of Japan.

For a brew, we recommend you use 600ml of water for 38g of coffee

  • Body size (mm)
    • 185: 143 × 116 × 80