In exhibition, í kring

This exhibition, divided in 3 parts, highlights the beginning, the middle and the end of the artist’s life.

With his artwork Sigurður Ámundason delves into his darkest sides and brightest hopes. The themes are often classical battles between good and evil in a mixture with the undecipherable pits of his subconscious. The drawings are created freehand without any pre sketches and often depict the obsessions, anger and doubt of the artist that does his best to survive the incredible and bizarre mundanity of everyday life.

In Kárastígur, Sigurður is showing ball-pen and color pencils drawings . These works reveal a darker and intense side of the artists work.

In Brautarholt the artist is showing a large photograph showing Sigurður’s parents driving in the Icelandic countryside. In the rear view mirror you can get a glimpse of artist smiling, in the back seat. The photo is called “beginning of the man” and represents the artist’s birth / creation.

In Ásmundarsalur Sigurður is showing pencil drawing of himself laying on his deathbed. The artist blends classical and romantic elements – identity and death – creating his own death or the transformation of the artist at a cross road.

Sigurður Ámundason was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. He graduated with a BA degree in fine arts at the Iceland Academy of Arts in 2012. Since then he has held eleven solo exhibitions, participated in numerous group shows and performed countless performances. Sigurður uses drawing as his foundation medium but also creates installations, sculptures, video-art, bookwork, photography, theatre and performance art.